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About me

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I'm Lisa Ciotto, Lifestyle & Business Coach

For many years I have helped men and women find their nutritional path, and self-care strategies to live in a strong, healthy & vibrant lifestyle. My focus was on helping them build a strong immune system & support their detoxification system which ultimately supports a better stress response. I am also so excited to tell you that I am doTERRA Essential Oils Educator & Leader and love introducing plant-based solutions as an integral part of how you support your body to be balanced and at its best.


My journey began when two of my sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer and God offered me the opportunity to pause and set me on a path with a new roadmap to follow. Take a moment to pause and connect with me and let's discover if there is a new path for you and we can develop a roadmap together. If you are here, it is because you are being offered time to pause and change directions.

I have had an awesome business working with men and women 35-55 to make the shift to natural healthcare. As a mom with grown children, I only wish I had the insight and tools I know and use now when I was raising my young children. It took me years to begin re-initiating my own self-care regimen back into my life. I have over 20 years of expertise in organizational skills, educating, prioritizing and integrating individual lifestyles needs.  I have helped many men and women step out of the box and welcome plant-based natural & simple solutions into their family’s life and engage in a holistic healthy lifestyle, supplement their income, as well as become empowered in running their own business from home while caring for their children.

There are many levels of doTERRA, nutritional plans, and self-care strategies all too often confusing, and causing one to lose interest in taking action. I put the tools in your hands, I support your journey, however you have to make the decision to step forward and own your health & your happiness. I have structured my business to hold a few sacred health coaching slots to help those truly ready to re-discover a healthy body and lifestyle for what serves you best.

I have always worn many hats, I am a mom of three adult children, grandma to three beautiful grandsons, sister (to 7 sisters and 1 brother), and partner to a wonderful & supportive man. Early on as a business owner, I ran my own daycare center from my home for 12 years, I have a 18+ year background in Occupational Therapy, I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified in Aromatouch and Reflexology, & Reiki Practitioner and studying for my Mindfulness Certification. I am certified in the Symphony of the Cells essential oil applications for cellular health and teach others how to integrate this practice as a foundation for a healthy body. My Gallup Poll Strengths are: Learner, Maximizer, Accountability, Futuristic, Belief. If you are seeking to move forward into your vision of living a strong, vibrant & healthy lifestyle, connect with me for a discovery call to see how I can best support you and unleash your true and underlying passions for your life and health.

I am a paid speaker & instructor on Essential Oils and Healthy Lifestyle Choices for corporate events, in the adult continuing education sector, within the community as well as consultant for ones personal journey. I travel parts of the US teaching and empowering others to live a healthy and toxic free lifestyle for themselves and  their family. Because of my extensive background, strong foundation of strengths and love for teaching, I am transitioning into 'Lifestyle and Business Coaching for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs' who are ready to share their gifts with the world and build a residual income and sustainable business. I will continue my Corporate Wellness Workshops, Emotional Awareness & Wellness Community Workshops and Personal Lifestyle Consultations as a way to help increase awareness on natural solutions options. I will continue my quest to help others build multiple streams of income so that they can find time freedom, financial security and a holistic lifestyle.

I love to read, garden, cook, run, hike, be on the beach, shop, yoga, love learning new things, and enhancing my own personal development, I like to travel, & spend time with those I love. doTERRA gives me the ability to accomplish all of this and more.

I love being able to have an impact on the women entrepreneurs of the world who are standing strong in their desire to reinvent the way people take care of their body, enrich their lives and support their everyday stress. 

Stay tuned, as there is so much more to come ...

With Love, Inspiration & Gratitude,


© 2020 by Lisa Ciotto


Redondo Beach, CA

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When was the last time you did something for yourself? 

I want you to know that you deserve to feel fabulous at any given moment, in any given situation. How? When

you decide to take the time for your own personal self care practices, life to day stressors begin to change, and happiness suddenly blossoms to allow more freedom, laughter & happiness. 

Life is crazy, how can you make that a reality?

Together, we will develop a personal toolkit that you can use throughout your busy day that will support your emotional balance with simple & effective strategies. Along with that, I will also educate you on the skill set to incorporate multiple modalities into your personal everyday living style, allowing you to keep your emotions on

an even keel. Awesome, right! When you are at your best emotionally, every relationship, every task, everything becomes easier and less like work.  



I invite you to notice what it would be like if you could diminish your feelings of “overwhelm” by your day to day obligations?

Here is where the fun starts and where I support your learning style and expand your knowledge base with

simple, yet very effective solutions to meet 80% of your healthcare goals.  What!!! That’s right, I will walk you through and guide you to resources for effective solutions that fit into your life, support how you manage your 

day to day emotions, tasks & self-care. These simple solutions will work for everyone and everything in your home.

Simple ~ Effective ~ Empowering

When you make life easier for you, you will suddenly understand that life is easier for everyone.

I will help you implement simple strategies to help you be prepared and organized, diminishing unnecessary stressful stimuli for the whole family.  I will give you strategies on how to calm the kids and make bedtime peaceful, how to support teens rollercoaster emotions, and how to keep everyone healthy by removing toxins in the home. Our strategy session can also include how to batch cook healthy meals, learn healthy tips for dining out, and simple & natural solutions for your pets. Interesting concept, right!!!  Are you ready to engage in a 30-minute consultation of discovery with me?


Are you striving to feel healthy & vibrant once again? Release the “overwhelm” that seems to be taking over?

I want to let you know that no matter where you are right now in this moment, you can make a change for a healthier body and healthier mindset. What you must learn is that healthy living goes far beyond the foods that you eat and are met together with what your perception of the foods that you eat do for your body. Far beyond how we look at our relationships to understanding how we play a part in the relationships. Far beyond the way our body and mind responds to the stimuli in our environment to the strategies we put in place to calm the responses.

What can this mean for you? 

If you are truly ready to take action, I am ready to walk you through the steps to make the changes you are seeking. You will discover the best you ever utilizing strategies that will be long lasting, vibrant and full of happiness. Multi-tasking, full days, projects, errands and more are a way of life and it’s not necessary to fully understand how the “overwhelm” can mysteriously calm itself. I invite you to remember a time when you were best able to fulfill your everyday self-care tasks.



Education Based + Relationship Based = Impact

Invite me to speak or conduct an interactive workshop

Look around you, what do you see? Healthy & vibrant family, friends or co-workers? Or people who need support and education about new alternative ways to address their health concerns? The old saying that people dont know what they dont know" is so powerfully obvious in our society. Add in the daunting media marketing to confuse them, locking them into a stagnant lifestyle without any real hope.

Life~~~Work Flow

A foundation of vibrancy, happiness, health & longevity. 

You should want it for yourself, those you love and those who you support in your world. My talks and workshops focus on alternative and natural health, nutrition, mindfulness, and connect many aspects of life. 

I build relationships that include providing the toolsets for one to explore and become excited about alternative solutions. I then bring it all together by teaching you the skill set you need to implement your personal toolsets. Continued mentoring supports further independent exploration into healthy lifestyles that include the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual world that each individual relates to, hence:

Life~~~Work Flow

I invite you to notice...when was the last time you felt vibrant, happy & healthy?

Education Based + Relationship Based = Impact

Invite me to speak or conduct an interactive workshop

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Volunteer Workshops at 1736 Family Crisis Center

"Lisa is so great with our kids at the Youth Shelter.  Her workshop is so interactive and I hope she can come for future clients!"  - Youth Shelter staff

"I want to get a set of the six oil blends when I leave here." - Youth Shelter Client

"I love the smells - they help me feel so relaxed." - Domestic Violence Shelter Client

"Our clients were all engaged and loved making their own blends of essential oils. " - Domestic Violence Shelter staff

" I plan to incorporate the sleepy time oils into my child's bedtime routine."

 "I enjoy to use my happy oil throughout the day while I am at work."

 "I liked learning about the different ingredients used in making each oil and seeing how the different combinations can be used. Also the process of creating the roller ball was so engaging."


Thank you so much for providing your services today!! The clients and staff really enjoyed learning about the benefits of essential oils. The clients were so happy, smiling and telling me how much they appreciated this workshop. The staff each talked about why they chose the scent they did and how they plan to incorporate it into their work and personal lives. We are grateful for your time, products, and positive energy.


You have been amazing for us, our staff has loved you and gushed about their workshops in today's coordinators' meeting! 

"Lisa is caring and compassionate, and she has truly made a difference in the lives of those that we serve in our shelters.  Not only does she show our clients that people care, but she leaves them with a special gift as well.  Her generosity is so appreciated by all of us here at 1736 Family Crisis Center."  - Michele Nadeau, Outreach Coordinator