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Grow your business on a solid foundation and watch it thrive

Are you procrastinating in your business and struggling to create that signature program that will attract your ideal client?

Are you overwhelmed with where to start, how to put your expertise into a signature program?

Do you know what you are trying to create and have you mapped it out?


If you’re seriously ready for success in your business, charge what you’re worth, create a signature program, stop procrastinating, create rinse and repeat strategies to alleviate the overwhelm and work on personal and business mindset?  You're here, so join in my

'Grow & Thrive' Private Coaching Program!

Is This You...

If this is YOU then it's time to let go of that overwhelming feeling

stopping your business from growing, to feeling authentic in what you do.  


That’s why I am inviting you into my

'Grow &  Thrive'

Private Coaching Program

The Thing Is...


We all start our entrepreneurial business to live out our dream of impacting

other people's lives, working from a place of purpose, joy and our zone of inspiration.

We want to make money for ourselves and our family in a way that impacts

our day to day life and happiness. Instead, what you’ve found is that you're

feeling overwhelmed, not making decisions that are in alignment with your values

and your success is not coming at a consistent pace.

Here’s how I can help you through my 'Grow & Thrive' Private Coaching Program

business women-mateus-campos-felipe-PERc

You feel calm and confident when talking with prospective clients, knowing exactly what to say when it comes to making an offer 

First and foremost, you're charging what you’re worth and no longer over-delivering while under paid

You’ve created a brand that you are aligned and confident about and authentically stand out from the crowd

Your new pricing structure is adding income to your bank account with every new client

You’ve created lucrative, client-attraction packages that spotlight your value and your unique way

of working with clients

By implementing my growth strategies, the puzzle pieces fit perfectly and are aligned for your success

You are now building a list of followers who adore you and want to learn from your expertise

Your work on mindset aligns with your values and is now powerfully supporting you to reach your goals

Serving Others

I love helping entrepreneurs create a business that gives them the freedom to create their life on their terms. Many of you just starting out are on a limited budget, I know I was but I was and I was also spending little amounts of money on the wrong things, wasting a lot of hours which gave me little to no ROI! I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted. That being said, early on in my business adventure I did invest in a short term business coach and the money was well invested.  I grew one of my businesses in just three short months. Most of you just starting out have the mentality of:


“I need to make money

before I can spend money on my business”.

This is a mistake that many coaches make early on in their entrepreneurial adventure, I did as well after my initial investment.  A year ago, I invested in a business coach and still have them, this is what has taking my business to the next level of success and I can help you do the same.


Here’s some of what’s inside my ‘Grow & Thrive’  private coaching program

Niche Breakthrough 

Are you ready to attract and keep more ideal clients?

I’ll coach you through the simple steps to gaining clarity

while standing out in your market industry.

Coaching Module


  • Changing your mindset about a niche and its importance of attracting your ideal client

  • Letting go of the “niche overwhelm” to attracting new clients with confidence

  • Create an authentic marketing messages to open up new opportunities

Smiling Young Woman

Create A Signature Program 

I’ll walk you through a step by step template outlining your

expertise, including YOUR unique style into an exciting

Signature Program that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.

Coaching Module 

  • Create a ‘Signature Program’ that attracts and enrolls new clients 

  • Eliminate the “overwhelm” of competing with others in your industry

  • Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients 

  • Create opt-ins, master classes, webinars from your ‘Signature Program’ 

  • Attract new clients quickly with focused marketing

Create Programs That Serve Your Ideal Client

Create a program that actually serves the ideal client you wish to work with, clearly identify the benefits that your programs provides, and those ideal clients who truly desire what you have to offer will seek you out. This could be what catapults your reputation, too.

Coaching Module

  • How to stop draining your energy by over-delivering and overloading

       your programs

  • Create programs based on value, structure your services to free up time while increasing revenue

  • Consistently trim the number of days you’re working each month, enjoying more free time to do the things you love

Working on the Go

Charge What You’re Worth With Success!

Deciding how much to charge and confidently talking about your offers

is an area of business growth that many struggle with. I will walk you

through a process that will clear out what's holding you back.​

Signing On New Clients

Are you ready to feel confident in signing on new clients? 

How to incorporate add on value for new clients?

How to create a steady stream of ideal clients?

Coaching Module


  • Map out a plan that eliminates procrastination, and increases 

       confidence in signing on new clients month after month

  • Overcome any fear and making an offer to ideal clients

  • Create a plan to find new, potential clients 

  • How to talk about your offer using benefit-rich verbiage and get your ideal clients enrolled

Women Colleagues

Mindset Breakthroughs

Many women in business realize they carry baggage through their day to day  life but don’t realize just how heavy it is and how it limits their success. Even the smallest breakthroughs can have an impact on the growth of your business. We are going to spend some time on activities that will help you uncover and release what is not serving you.

Coaching Module:

  • We will go through the process identifying limiting beliefs

  • Become aware of how they are playing a role in your business success

  • Determine if they are serving you and if you are willing to let go

  • Practice mindset strategies 

Stones of Meaning

Refining Your Program 

  • Here we will go through a final editing of your program

  • Prepare scripts for processes throughout the program

  • Practice for fluidity and confidence

If you’re serious and are:

Ready to let go of fear and charge what you’re worth

Ready to release mindset blocks holding you back

Ready to create program that will bring in a continuous revenue stream
Ready to find and work with your ideal clients that elevate you 

Ready to confidently make offers to prospective clients

Ready to have clients who bring joy to your business and do the work

Ready to invest in your business that will bring a ROI and help you build a joyful business


The Time Is Now...


If you are truly ready to build a business that is purposeful then it is time to invest in yourself and the opportunity to help others with your expertise.  Take the guesswork out of the picture and implement specific step by step growth strategies with a solid foundation and a rinse and repeat framework fthat will get you in front of your ideal client.


I invite you to take action NOW! 

Start 2021 by sharing your gifts with the world   

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