7 Incredible Insights To Who You Can Be…

A Letter To Your Future Self

Today you are going to look into the future, 30-60-90 days from now, and write a letter to yourself. When you can clearly visualize your success as though it has already happened you bring your mind closer to your future reality. Hmmm. It’s true, you know. The clearer the picture, the more you can replay the movie in your head, the more real your emotions connect to the movie scenes, the closer you come to bringing it to fruition. Planning backwards will help you get clear steps to take focused action in order to make a dream a reality.

Any success you have in this program is success that moved you from a stagnant place to a place of action. What new habits are you integrating to keep your momentum going? Where you do you want to take your personal growth and development? What is the number one way you would like to see yourself grow in this course?

While you write your letter to yourself I want you to visualize yourself in that movie.

Discovering Your Why

So often we have become so rote in our habits that we no longer notice how our body is becoming so unhealthy. When our health is at the forefront of our mind, we begin to seek information on how to regain our health, our youth and our vibrancy.

Taking time to discover your WHY for wanting to begin a new journey in your life at this time will also be your greatest source of strength when times get rough, and they will.

Make no mistake that this journey will not always be easy, there will be struggles and times you want to quit…stick with it because I guarantee it will be worth it. As you make it past the struggles, make it past your perceived habitual weaknesses, stop telling yourself your story, and move away from the things and people who are not supporting your journey you will return to your WHY and find renewal.

Your WHY will begin to shine through stronger and stronger and it will serve as the inspiration for others to want to join your tribe.

Now is the time to journal your inspiration, speak to your higher power, begin to add other unknown modalities to your daily lifestyle practices and watch yourself grow to exciting new heights.

It is important for us not only to know WHAT we are doing, or HOW we are doing it, but to truly have a passion and clear intention for WHY we do it. Tip: It is not because you want to lose weight…ask yourself to think about the following thoughts:

Why do I want to lose weight?

What will losing weight and feeling my ultimate best bring into my life?

Where does my desire to be here and learn truly originate from?

What are my true and authentic desires in this moment?

I hope you let down your guard…now write it in your journal.

Receiving An Experience

Why are you here? This is what it is all about. You stop telling yourself your story and become open to receiving a new experience. Many people, myself included have paid for and started a class, bought a transformational book, went to an event in hopes of transforming our lives and ourselves. Yet, once in the moment of the experience, or soon there after, our story reappears and we become rote in our old habits. Why is that and why are we letting it hold us paralyzed? All I really want you to do in this master class is be open to receiving this information, and it will be different for every one of you, and experience the guidance that is being given. Not just once, but truly try to incorporate each bit of education into your daily lifestyle practice. If you do, magic will happen. Once the magic happens for you, you will ultimately want to share it with others that you love…and that is how we “Receive an Experience”. As we organically wish and choose to share information with others, we find true gratification, authenticity, and discover that we are all meant to have a place in transforming the world in which we live and make the future a better place for our children.

Peeling Away The Layers Of Your Story

It’s like peeling an onions many layers to get to the core. Or better yet to eat each layer of the artichoke until you get to the best part…the heart!

We all hold on to our childhood beliefs and beliefs are things that we have repeated enough times that they become comfortable habits on a subconscious level. For instance, having a belief that you are not good enough isn’t something that serves you. If we open our hearts to receive an experience we can begin shifting our negative beliefs, and we are able to then release those beliefs that do not serve us and create new beliefs that help us to soar!

What is it your heart is seeking? What pulls at your heartstrings every day? It is important to know that we all have underlying wants, needs and desires that we gently tuck away for another day we hope will come. So often, and even in my own life, I experienced the same thins. I realized one day that they were just dreams, although dreams from my childhood all the way through my present adult life. I had an unwavering pull that I had to start living those dreams, bring them out into the open and start to figure out how I could live them. I did not want to hide them until “someday” any more. And, so my journey began. I want to help you be in that place. It truly does take time and I am still seeking, and being open to receiving and experience that will take me from information to transformation. It’s time to peel away the layers of the story you are telling yourself to get to the heart of the story you truly want to be living. While this may take some time to develop, are you will to challenge yourself?

Set up a 30 minute or 60 minute personal consult with me to discover some of my personal resources that I used to move into my beautiful and authentic self. Are you ready to evolve?

Limitless Opportunity To Grow

Dreams developed into goals, developed into true-life experiences, developed into a journey that will take you to new excitement about what lies ahead and triggers you to a new way of thinking. This is where transformation can happen. This is just the beginning, because when we actually begin to see some wins in our lives, we begin to believe in ourselves, in the magic that we can create in our lives.

Your task here is to dig deep, be authentic and write out your deepest dreams on paper, physically write it on paper so that you can repeat each word to yourself as you write it. Now read about your dreams and remember, this is you, your words. Now write each dream on a separate piece of paper and truly without hesitation, doubt or guilt, write when you would like to see that dream become a reality (no matter how far fetched it seems). Now get your self a small box for that dream and start putting pictures of what it looks like into the box and begin putting money (whether a few dimes, a dollar or even five dollars) into that box. Take time each day to peek in there and look at and experience the emotions of what this dream looks like in real life. Make a separate box for each of your dreams and take a moment to write a little note about how you are feeling. Make this a family gift of reflection and open a world of conversation and manifestation.

Leverage Your Time, Change Your Life

Time is the one thing in life we can NEVER get back. It is your most valuable asset and cannot be bought once gone. We lead such busy lives that it is important that we prioritize our time to get our health (and the health of our family) into the number one spot. What, you are crazy…I hear you saying that that is impossible! When you or your family develops a chromic health issue (if you are already not dealing with one) will that be the time that you think, MAYBE we should try to change our lifestyle? Your hospital bills, doctor bills, prescriptions, over the counter medicines, absenteeism from work and school are all costing you money. Oh yah, let’s not forget getting our nails done, our phone charges, eating out at toxic restaurants (which costs an arm and a leg) just to name a few.

Tony Robbins says it best: We all have the same amount of time in a day, it is just how we use it that makes the difference. If you are saying you do not have another minute to spare, you better start thinking about how you are using your precious time. I used to think the same thing until I replayed those words over and over in my mind. Having two sisters and an aunt with breast cancer made me rethink my time. It helped me designate time to change my unhealthy “habits” into healthy “daily lifestyle practices”. Remember, excuses are a way to protect us from something we fear or want to avoid… want to dig deeper into this? Connect with me below.

A few tips:

Each night, or if you arise early, list and prioritize you top three things that must get done

Devote your time to one thing at a time

Block chunks of time together, takes planning but block together things that are in the same area, that you can do in the same chunk of free time.

Become aware of non-essentials like scrolling social media, saying no to things that are not serving you, etc.

Preparation is key to success, batch cooking, bringing healthy lunches and snacks and go against the crowd, prepare things at night to make mornings a breeze.

My Feeling Fabulous Masterclass is about giving you some of the tools to get started, but you have to be the one to take the action. There is no better time to do that than NOW!!!

Rest And Reflect

Each day is a day to rest and reflect on what was accomplished. Yes, I know, some days you feel defeated and feel like you got nothing accomplished. That is not true in the least. You got out of bed, took a shower, got the kids off to school on time, maybe you ate a good meal, or said a nice thing to someone. No one gets through the day without accomplishing something. So take a few minutes before bed and write in your journal something you are grateful for today, do not think about all the things that went wrong, just about the things that you accomplished and are grateful for and take notice of what you valued the most about your day.

You will begin to notice little shifts in your thinking about what you actually consider a success.

This Is A Time For Change

You get it now… There is possibility in this thing called accountability, happiness, creating my future life, releasing the old beliefs and creating new beliefs, take responsibility for my life so that I can help create new lives for those I love, believing that it is possible, feeling that inspiration and the excitement of possibility. This is what this master class is all about, inspiring you to believe in possibilities, in yourself that you are capable of anything if you are committed to the process and putting your health in the number one spot.


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