8 Positive Ways To Start Your Day

1 ~ The way you wake up in the morning, is the way your day will go. When setting your alarm, decrease it’s volume and use a subtle ring tone. Using a circus or bullhorn ringtone for example that would just about jolt you out of bed in the morning is a frazzled way to start your day.

2 ~ Once you get out of bed give yourself 5 minutes to perform a gentle stretch to wake up your muscles. At the same time repeat to yourself three times a positive affirmation suitable to your situation. You can also repeat this throughout the day if you find yourself in a stressful situation. As you get ready for your day, don’t become overwhelmed by how much you have to get done, instead jot down three things you would like to accomplish today.

3 ~ Before you go to bed at night, use an erasable marker or lipstick and write something bright, positive, funny or sexy on the bathroom mirror to start your morning off on a good note. To make your morning even brighter, leave a message for the one you love and start their day off great too.

4 ~ We all like to listen to the news or weather in the morning, however change is good. Listen to it at night and get the information you need for the next day. Use the morning to listen to music, be it light, instrumental, rock and roll or disco dancing music. Your choice, but make it fun and alive or gentle to open the heart. It doesn’t have to be loud if others are still sleeping, if they're not sleeping have them join in the fun.

5 ~ Drink at least 8-10 ounces of warm water with two drops of Lemon essential oil to jumpstart your inner ecosystem and get it moving. Cleansing your body will help to bring it into balance. Continue to drink water throughout your day to stay hydrated and keep you feeling full and energized. You will notice joint discomfort and brain fog start to diminish if you drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

6 ~ Always eat a decent breakfast to balance your blood sugars, preferably some protein. Your body needs fuel and nutrients to work properly, stay balanced, and provide you with the energy you need. It will also keep you satiated.

7 ~ Have time, stop at the gym on your way to work and really jumpstart your energy levels. A light cardio session, swim in the pool, aerobic class or strength training. So many choices, so many possible challenges.

8 ~ My favorite, always say goodbye and kiss those you love each morning before you leave the house. Leave a positive note for them, tuck it in their lunch box or brief case, or text them a loving message. This offer of gratitude will not go unnoticed in their heart and soul.



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