Congested Thoughts Create Overload

405 -> 110 -> 710 -> 10 -> 605 -> 5

Ughhhhh!!! Without my GPS I would have been feeling sooo very overwhelmed with keeping track of all the freeways that my trip took me on. Information overload! Add in the fact the amount of cars on the freeway, staying alert to the changing of the lanes, the impatience of others on the road and as an added perk to your travels, the mere sight of the backed up traffic.

Could you feel the stress rising to your throat, the neck tension setting in, the overwhelming feeling of being late to your next destination.

My GPS kept it simple for me, redirected me, and helped me to look at the big picture broken down into simple steps. I was able to navigate lane changes early enough, take another route and be easily guided, assess my arrival time and make necessary adjustments.

All of this, because I was willing to pay attention, pause and take a breath, released some of the stress that was building up.

How can we interject that GPS into our day to day living?

Life is crazy, busy, overloaded and coming at us from every direction…

That for many will not change, however we must start to take action to calm the overload or the overload is going to continue to wreak havoc on our lives. It is causing our health to decline, our relationships to fall apart, our career paths to lose their passion, and our motivation to wane.

We feel stuck and unable to move forward or even take a sidestep to change directions.

Having a proactive approach vs living a reactive lifestyle can be empowering and help you get past the congested thoughts that are creating the overload as well as wreaking havoc on our lives. You can get you past the blocks that keep you stuck.

Self-care is one of the powerhouses to releasing the overload. I know, I know…I can hear you saying, there is no time for that.

Shhhhhh!!! Listen carefully…it's because you haven’t set up your inner GPS yet. You have to redirect yourself and your power into an effective and proactive approach to lessen the mental overload.

For instance, Google Maps has a driver go around and film the area so they can simplify our driving and remove the overload, we just have to plug in the address and boom, proactive solution. Now you have to set your inner GPS and redirect your power and dismantle the information overload that happens.

Spend your time in the car listening to audiotapes, which are a great way to enhance your personal development for yourself and your relationships…Leadership & Self Deception is a great resource that will have an impact on not only your workplace relationships but your personal ones as well!!!

Turn your car into a spa, using aromatherapy diffusers and music that makes you feel happy, light and sparks memories of fun times can take away the stress overload and enhance your mood.

Learn a breathing technique and hand acupressure points that calm the nervous system and the mind.

Setting your inner GPS to take a detour when the noise gets too loud, when your thoughts get too congested, and when you tend to go on autopilot. Be proactive and put these simple and effective tools into action to dismantle the bigger picture; help you navigate lane changes early enough into manageable moments that enhance your overall well-being.

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