CLASS 1 ~ Alternative Healthcare In Your Home ~ Feb 6th REGISTER HERE:

Are you afraid of toxic chemicals, not sure what you are putting into your body? Are you tired of dealing with traditional medicine and their side effects? Are the congestion, stomach upset, stress & poor sleep getting the best of you? Join this class and learn the basics of how to save time, money and a trip to the doctor & pharmacy with the top 13 oils and care for your family in a way that matters most.


CLASS 2 ~ Harmony In The Home ~ Feb 13th REGISTER HERE:

Moms, this is for you…feeling like you want to go hide in the bathroom while Johnny has a meltdown? Feeling guilty that the kids are always sick and you don’t know how to help them? Is your to-do list so long you feel like your drowning and the juggling is harder? Is your cup full? Join in the class and let us teach you how to integrate simple self-care tips for you and offer recipe solutions for Johnny and banish those meltdowns. We will discuss all things kids!


CLASS 3 ~ Hormone Helpers ~ Feb 20th REGISTER HERE:

Do you wonder what happened to your sense of clarity, calm emotions, glowing skin, shiny hair, and the ability to maintain a healthy weight? Are your night sweats and crazy mood swings impacting your relationships and keeping you up all night? In this class we will give moms solutions to bring their hormones back into balance after giving birth and help women support their body through the phases of menopause.


CLASS 4 ~ Immunity & Your Health ~ Feb 27th REGISTER HERE:

Always headed to the doctor or pharmacy to grab a new pill? Are you nauseous, gassy, and bloated on a daily basis? Do you poop every day? Are you always congested? Do you sleep well? Do you have energy throughout the day? In this class you will learn how to build a foundation that supports your cells, releases toxicity, which can have a significant influence over your physical well-being.


CLASS 5 ~ Emotionally Exhausted ~ Mar 5th REGISTER HERE:

Have trouble falling or staying asleep? Feel exhausted after a good night sleep? Are your relationships at home & work taking a toll because of your rollercoaster emotions? Would you like to create a lifestyle that will help you ward off stress and deal with challenges in a healthy way? Want a variety of tools to relief stress and to pick a strategy that works during your current situation?  This is the class for you where we will teach you alternative and natural ways to support emotional & physical balance.


CLASS 6 ~ Oils Supporting Systemic Pain ~ Mar 12th REGISTER HERE:

Is pain impacting your activity level & quality of life? Does it take you an hour to get out of bed? Are your joints so painful and swollen that you are unable to play with your kids or walk with ease? Does your pain come and go and keep you in bed? It’s time to self manage your pain with natural, non-addictive solutions. Join this class and learn how you can take control of your pain.


CLASS 7 ~ Cleaning Toxins From Your Home ~ Mar 19th RGISTER HERE:

How toxic is your home? Are you still using toxic store bought cleaning products?  Have you checked the ingredients in your skincare and hair care lately? If you suffer from skin issues, immune or respiratory issues, neurological issues & more, it’s time to learn more about what you are putting on your skin and filling the air in your home with?  It’s time to eliminate toxic ingredients, learn more!


CLASS 8 ~ doTERRA As A Business ~ Mar 26th   REGISTER HERE:

Are you struggling with your current career choice? Wanting to spend more time with your kids? Struggling to make ends meet financially?  Tired, stressed, overworked and underpaid? Do you have a passion that’s been pushed to the back burner? This class will go over why doTERRA as a business and why building a residual income can offer you the time and financial freedom you strive for.